RaDAR – The Rossi jump starter pack

For many years, battery supply was a challenge for me and I found the most reliable and practical to use, was the SLAB, a 7 A / Hr Gel cell. They are heavy though!

Well, that was until I found the Rossi jump starter battery at a gadget shop while visiting the capital city, Pretoria.


The jump starter pack has chargers for charging from the 220 v a.c. mains or any 12 volt d.c. outlet. It serves as an emergency light / torch and has a few special supply points for charging a cell phone or even a laptop! I found while using these supply points, there was a pulsing sound on the radio though, probably due to some switched mode circuit inside.

I built a DC, fused, distribution system and plug directly into the high current output of the Rossi – the supply point that can be used to start a car! My FT-817ND has never been happier.

The few opportunities I had to get out recently proved the battery to be a reliable addition to the RaDAR pack. I keep it in the waterproof area too, I wouldn’t want to see it get soaking wet.

I will be using this battery during the first 24 hour RaDAR challenge for the year on the 2nd of April 2016.


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