RaDAR – Stealth operations

Well, almost. Eduan drove around looking for me but could not find me. I must have been unseen!

RaDAR rules, right?


I had two really awesome rag chews with Bertie, ZS4WG and John, ZS6BNS. I sat under a tree in the bush, almost stealth like.

My shack window



….. and a selfie


The QRP amateur radio station.

I think from now on I’ll use the rig out of the pack. It makes it more accessible.



…. and the trip back home through a dry river bed!


…. and back “home”, for oranges



A bit overweight and under trained but RaDAR ready!



A video of the RaDAR ops and conversation with John, ZS6BNS can be seen here https://www.facebook.com/eddie.leighton.3/videos/10152942964262759/?l=6101326161173528926

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