RaDAR – It’s a moving thing

I was really in the mood to do some moving RaDAR tonight and get out on my feet. Wearing the bumble bee RaDAR pack (Weighed in at 7.8 kg) I walked / jogged down the road for around 1.3 km and set up a field station, the end fed hanging over some trees alongside the road. I made contacts with Rudi, ZS6DX and Pierre, ZS6A on SSB. Signals were good both ways. I was running my normal low power of 5 Watts. I packed up and did a further odd 2.4 km back home. It was FUN!!! When I got home, a surprise, home made Pizza!

Some numbers ….. I left work at 17:00, dressed by 17:10, got to this point by around 17:20/25, deployed and contacts made by 17:30. That’s moving RaDAR!

Deployed alongside the road around 1.3 km from home. Around 17:30 local time.


Fuchs home brew tuner and 21m long wire …. no counterpoise. Pointing EAST (end fire).


Doing a 2,4 km jog back home, pack weight around 7.8 kg. 


Backpack / radio (FT-817ND and LDG z817 ATU) shock testing done (During tonight’s RaDAR escapades) – success! No damage done even while running!

Back of the FT817ND Power, Control and Antenna coax.


LDG z817 ATU (Unused), Control, Rig to ATU coax, Antenna coax and safety in line DC power switch.


In a camera bag.


Antenna coax and power lead folded away.









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