RaDAR – Base camp communications

After an awesome lunch and a stroll around the area with the family they climbed into the car and went back home taking Eduan with them. That gave me some time to relax and play field day amateur radio from the comfort of our tent. In between I started packing leaving only what I needed to make a few contacts.

It was relatively easy making a few JT65 contacts on 10m and a CW contact with R120RD. The rest were 10m SSB contacts, something I don’t often do. It was fun though.


Some points I’d like to mention. Firstly, the RaDAR spotting website was not used quite as much as we could have. Facebook was a fine medium with which to keep in touch.

I found the military B25 manpack to be an excellent RaDAR radio and the end fed antenna performed beyond expectations with this radio!

Many thanks to the hams that supported the RaDAR challenge in being active or just being on the other side. Without you guys such and exercise would be futile.

RaDAR teaches you new things with each deployment or exercise. It is a team sport. We all need each other to make it work.

The Easter weekend made it difficult for many to participate, throughout the world. We may have to look at a new date for the coming years.

Suggestions for RaDAR would be most welcome. Don’t wait till the day before the ops. RaDAR has come a long way, it is different but really great fun.

RaDAR is a game!

73 de Eddie ZS6BNE


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