RaDAR – An article by Greg Lane N4KGL in CQ Magazine


An excellent article written by Greg Lane, N4KGL written for CQ Magazine. Greg sums it up quite well, he says that since he has been practicing RaDAR, it’s the most fun he has had with ham radio. It is certainly fun and different!

Greg’s article will bring RaDAR into the limelight world wide and it is important now that the ground rules be refined especially when considering RaDAR as a contest which is really only a way of testing your own deployment methods and it’s effectiveness.

I’d been lying awake for some time this morning (it is 3 o’clock). No matter what methods of transport are used during the contest, the first communications point is really the same for everyone. Only after the first five QSO’s do things really start to look interesting, for each operator will start to move to the next position using his chosen mode of transportation. To make things even more interesting, these modes of transport can change with each deployment. It is therefore fair that the points allocation for each mode be refined. The basis being on foot – move one kilometer after every five QSO’s. For bicycles, I’d suggest two kilometers. Motorcycles and SUV’s have a motorized and speed advantage so the distance that needs to be traveled has to be further. The suggestion for these modes of transport is five kilometers. I want to do a few tests using a canoe to see where it fits into the bigger picture.

Terrain is of course very variable and a kilometer on foot could very well take much longer than 10 minutes – it could even take an hour! The operator should take this into consideration balancing the fun and competitiveness of the deployment – at least for contest purposes.

The first Saturday of November  is when the next RaDAR contest takes place. From 14:00 to 18:00 UTC. The South African time zone will introduce an interesting transition from day to night.

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