Selling the idea of RaDAR


Selling RaDAR is a difficult thing!

There are so many similar activities like SOTA, Adventure radio, various QRP activities etc.

We need to sell the idea where RaDAR is different to everything else. I like to compare it to an obstacle course, a game.

The basic things are:

  • All moving operators have to move after every five QSO’s for a required distance.
  • We need to determine accurate positional information and communicate this and other basic information in an accurate manner.
  • No 59 or 5NN useless info.
  • We need to be self sustainable carrying water, food and protection from the elements.
  • We communicate by using every means possible, from CW, to voice modes, to digital, to satellite communications.
  • We need to be practised that we know what works best allowing us to  make decisions quickly. Every deployment is a new puzzle to solve and lots of FUN!
  • RaDAR is daring to be different.
  • RaDAR is living a healthy lifestyle and incorporating amateur radio within our outdoor activities.

We can add to the list!

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