RaDAR – April 2014 contest report


Jaco ZR6CMG – Mobile category

It is difficult to determine how many official participants took part in the April 2014 RaDAR contest because not everyone sends his / her log to the contest organiser for evaluation. The RaDAR contest requires movement after every 5 QSO’s. It’s not everybody’s cup of tea but it’s really a fun activity and should be seen as such. Some RaDAR operators, like John ZS5J, do send at least a check log. The following radio operators submitted logs – Dirk ZS6AKU, Eddie ZS6BNE, Jaco ZR6CMG, Lucy M6ECG and John MW/ZS5J (Check log). 

Dirk worked from home as a portable station, Eddie travelled by mountain bike, Lucy took on the “on foot” category, Jaco took on the mobile category and John the portable category. Lucy and Jaco excelled in their operation by communicating for the full four hours while moving after every 5 contacts and are the resulting winners of their categories.

The ultimate goal for the 2014 international RaDAR contest are the inter continental RaDAR to RaDAR QSO’s. John and Eddie were successful in making such a QSO. John was on holiday and had deployed a portable RaDAR station on a hill in Wales. Both stations were using only 5 Watts. John’s antenna, a vertical dipole and Eddie’s antenna a roll up 10m wire J-Pole. The QSO took place using CW on 28.060 MHz. Signal were around RST 529.

John’s comments to Eddie on Facebook, “ I was thrilled to work you from a field surrounded by sheep in Wales, UK during the RaDAR contest using CW QRP both ways….that was an adrenaline rush for me!”. That says it all. John submitted a check log but could very well have been the winner in his category. He made many DX QSO’s from his portable RaDAR station in the field. John unfortunately left his camera at home and was unable to take a picture.

Congratulations to all the winners!





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