RaDAR – Further feedback on yesterdays ops


After my rather challenging and most important contact with John, ZS5J resident in the UK I set up station for digital communications.

From past experiences, I was concerned about RF feedback but the 10m wire J-Pole did not cause such effects.

I don’t think I’ve ever done digital on 10m and only just recently discovered the default frequency being 28.120 MHz.The 10m band was crowded with PSK stations. My strategy was to work between 1000 Hz and 1500 Hz, even outside those ranges there was little space to call CQ. I had two possible QRZ’s but overrun by stations a few Hertz away.

I hadn’t really planned to use 15m or 20m but made up a 10 meter length of wire for the Fuchs just before leaving for the ops area. I usually use a length of 21 meters. I replaced the J-Pole with the 10 meters of wire and connected the Fuchs tuner. I could just not get the SWR down, 15m and 20m digital was loud and clear!


End feds have worked for me in the past and certainly have their place but the magnetic loops are looking all that more attractive. I have learnt a lot from friends in the RaDAR group.

I have just received a reply from John MW/ZS5J for a confirmation on his deployment methods – John has been with RaDAR since the early SiaS days! Did we achieve the ultimate goal? Yes, we did!

“Hi Eddie – I was only just able to hear you with all the European QRM we get here. I used my IC-703 with 5 watts and put up a 10 meter fibreglass pole with vertical dipole hanging off it. It was strapped to a fence post on top of a hill. Worked about a dozen USA QRP hams on 29.060, but you were the only South African I could hear.”



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