RaDAR – QTH vs Grid locators

The QTH is only really there for those that have no idea what their grid locator is but no harm in giving both, it’s easier to know where Lichtenburg is than KG33bu.
The 10 character locator is available via applications like HamGPS on Android and many others. RaDAR accepts 6 but it would be great if many outdoor hams use the 10 character one, it has it’s advantages and RaDAR is a good place to start.
Like many “contests” a high QSO count is the goal, not so with RaDAR. I think of it as “training” to survive and communicate giving sensible, accurate information. WARC band exclusion is only for the “contest” otherwise RaDAR activities can take place on any band.
Decent reception reports are always handy. I like QRP contests because you know where you stand while listening and transmitting!
I used to use my Garmin eTrex legend for a 6 character grid but HamGPS on the smartphone is a lot better! Using new technology is also the goals of RaDAR.
Really looking forward to next Saturday!
73 de Eddie ZS6BNE

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