Why RaDAR?

RaDAR – Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio


Many hams may ask why?

What on earth do hams want to run around for? What’s the fun in that? Spending more time putting up and taking down antennas than making QSO’s.

What’s so great about sitting on a rock for a chair or on the ground itself. What’s so much fun when the wind blows your paper logbook in all directions and sweaty, dusty hands spoiling the newly printed paper log after retrieval.

What’s fun in loosing a few pounds while walking a trail in bright sunlight and no trees for shade. What! No trees? Now you have to carry a makeshift mast too and you have to get it to stand on rocky ground. Why it’s a mission to hammer a tent peg into the ground using a rock, get a bigger one!

What’s fun in walking a path during a heavy downpour trying to protect your radio equipment, oh man and now the logbook’s wet too! Your pen will no longer write and you wish you brought a pencil along!

Now all of a sudden you’re hungry with no burger outlets in sight, not for many miles and your thirst increases more at the very thought of that ice cold beer you used to pull out of your cooler box during field days. What’s fun in that?

You’re so used to sending 59 or 599 during a contest, why do I want to know the other operator’s name or where he lives, oh okay, maybe a grid locator of six characters, what on earth do you want to send more, like eight or ten! Madness WHY???? The chances of not getting them right is good, so why waste time, there’s another QSO to be made!

It’s so much better sitting in your tent or outbuilding on a comfortable chair, an open window with a slight breeze or even an air conditioning system. Snacks on the side of the paddle, mic or keyboard. The paddle made from the finest precision material, light to the touch and free from a speckle of dust – finely oiled.

Maps of the world, lists of prefixes, azimuth information and a rotator control box! At the touch of a button or two you line up that beam backing it up with full legal power and maybe a little more.

You have the latest technology and high speed access to the Internet monitoring DX clusters. You know where you are, you been living here for thirty or more years.

Yet there are RaDAR operators ….. but they are few. They know why they are.

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