RaDAR – QRP Contest

Like I said somewhere, my family and I went camping for the first time in my 32 plus years of marriage. It was really great fun.

After setting up camp it came close to 13:45 so I put on my new ultralight RaDAR kit and went for a walk carrying my Android smartphone running Endomondo tracking my position.

See http://www.endomondo.com/workouts/154556173/4173961

A few springbuck saw me coming towards them and they hastily made their way down the path, the same path that was the route to my destination. I walked until Endomondo cried … 1km in 11:… minutes and that’s where I stopped, put down the kit and quickly installed my 40m EFHWA hanging the wire over tree branches along the way at arms height ….


Once the antenna was ready and connected it was a little over 14:00. I noticed inactive ant holes and sat down with the RaDAR kit between my legs and started looking for contacts. Conditions on 40m were excellent and signals were so strong it was difficult to believe it was a QRP contest and a BUSY one too


After an hour, I thought, let me walk back to the campsite and operate for the rest of the time from there. When I got to the campsite I had already lost focus. The trail was a far better place to be. I spent time with the family, talking and had a really great supper.

I have a spare set of batteries just waiting to be used 

I found better way to orientate the radio gear inside to make it more practical and faster to operate.

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