RaDAR – In the year 2013


RaDAR is in full blossom with the dawning of a new year – 2013. After many years RaDAR has finally become what it was meant to be. The concept has been refined and has become the guideline for ham radio communications throughout the various installations or deployments.

Right from the very beginning, RaDAR has catered for any station, be it fixed, portable stations in alternate buildings, field stations, various mobile stations and the ham radio operators on foot.

Much of the newer ideas, like the “one contact per kilometer moved” experiment done in 2012, combine with the RaDAR concept in whole to present a concept that not only provides excellent communication skills and knowledge but to enhance the fun aspect of RaDAR.

Much has been said about rapid re-deployment and movable stations and with the latest contest rules for 2013, RaDAR is even more so – exactly that. It would be really great seeing more mobile stations and also more operators moving around on foot. That makes RaDAR extra special.

Peter, ZS6IQ who did well during operations from his boat on the Vaal dam during November 2012’s RaDAR contest has now offered a prize to the winner of the April 2013 RaDAR contest. The prize is a 2m / 70cm base antenna. Many thanks to Peter for his kind gesture. On the announcement of the winner, Peter will be given the details and he will send it off to the well deserving contestant. May the best man / lady win!

Most certainly, whatever category is chosen on the day, each and every station will need to work hard to win the prize. The contest is only four hours but you will find yourself in the “twilight zone”, a very strange place to be but hang in there and watch the sunset as the earth rotates and the view of the sun disappears over the horizon.

At this time you may hear signals on the higher bands. Why not make contact with DX stations as a RaDAR station using your mode of choice. Certainly you will have a better chance using the digital modes or even CW.

Most important – Have fun!

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