RaDAR – Stealth operations


I looked on the Net for a suitable description.

“The act or characteristic of moving with extreme care and quietness, especially so as to avoid detection”

Not often practiced in amateur radio terms but could be a fun activity.

*** The Fox hunt ***

On Facebook, a friend asked me if he could contact me about DF hunting and then I got another idea.

Imagine we have an “on foot” stealth RaDAR operator moving through the bush but in communication with a central “fixed” station using point to point VHF or UHF frequencies.

Then we have trackers tracking the “on foot” RaDAR operator using DF (Direction finding) equipment. Imagine how much fun that could be!

With all this awesome fun we build skills and get better and better at it.

Wow, isn’t amateur radio great!

The trackers could be in contact with their own fixed station passing back coordinates and signal direction. Using APRS facilities, the tracked RaDAR operator’s positon could be easily found.

There could maybe be two (or more) teams competing against each other and a prize awarded to the winning team.

The area would need to be the size where effective handheld communication can take place say a maximum distance of 5km x 5km

73 de Eddie ZS6BNE

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