Satellites – It’s been a while

At one stage I was very involved with the satellites working them just about every day and sometimes multiple times a day. In South Africa as far as I know there is no longer satellite activity.

My son Edwilll wanted to make a video of the “typical ham” and so I thought let’s look at the satellites for an example.

For the past few months I have downloaded many satellite applications on my Android smartphone and used them for predictions. The next predicted satellite was the relatively new satellite Hope-1 alias HO68 or XW-1, a Chinese built satellite who’s transponders have gone faulty but the CW beacon still working (Fortunately). The satellite measures 480mm x 600mm and weighs around 60Kg.

AOS (Aquisition od signal) was from the NW (335 degrees) and EOS (End of signal) SW (280 degrees) with a maximum elevation of 18 degrees. Sure enough the satellite was right on time and we could hear her beacon. I had to go to the AMSAT website at to find out what thef requency is ie 435.790 MHz +- doppler (Tune higher at AOS)

I used my Arrow dualband yagi antenna and FT-817ND to “make the contact”. Brought back some good memories and I proved I have not lost the ability to plan satellite passes!

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