RaDAR – 2013 Contest log

The new RaDAR contest log will look as follows:



One thought on “RaDAR – 2013 Contest log

  1. (Did not have your email address. My prior post via your blog seems lost – please forgive the reposting of my message below)

    Dear OM Eddie,

    Thank you for your post on my blog! Please allow me to forward you the email which I sent to ZS6KMD a few months ago, to which I did not note a reply and thus did not pursue the idea any further.

    I notice that the former link has expired. I would like to spread the idea of RaDAR to the US (where I currently operate) and to Germany as well, but saw the former website more focused on South Africa. Could the:

    5. Recommended digital modes frequencies Refer to the SARL contest manual (GR 16)

    be posted explicitly on your website? https://zs6bne.wordpress.com/2012/11/15/radar-contes-proposed-rule-changes-for-2013/
    …since I was unable to open the SARL manual in question.

    Do you have a newsgroup for RaDAR by any chance? You might know of the HFPack Yahoo newsgroup which has over 10000 members, maybe you’d like to post there – I’d also be happy to post about you too; it is somewhat US centered, but there are many international members and believe that it is the perfect platform for your writing about your contest. I would also like to write about the RaDAR contest and idea in QSL (the ARRL magazine http://www.arrl.org/qst ) if you allow.

    What happened to your nice logo? It has essentially disappeared from your website, what a shame!

    Please forgive my ignorance, is the flag with the Rino from South Africa?

    With best wishes for the New Year and looking forward to your reply,

    vy 73 de Marcus KD0JKM

    Begin forwarded message:

    From: Marcus
    Subject: porting your idea into the US and Germany
    Date: 7 October 2012 22:38:22 CDT
    To: kevin@zs6kmd.za.net

    Dear OM Kevin,

    I love your RaDAR idea and also your RaDAR logo! I would like to port this idea to the US and also to Germany (by translating the text of your website into German). Would it be ok with you if I started a US and separately a German centered Newsgroup on Yahoo or Google with your logo (however without the link in the logo) but referencing prominently to your idea creation and website? I think you really caught onto something and I would like help spread the idea you thought of.

    With best regards,

    vy 73 de Marcus KD0JKM

    Monitoring Global Center of Activity, HFLink and HFPack frequencies:
    SELCALL ID 3455


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