RaDAR – It is something special

RaDAR needs to be a little different to the normal way of practicing amateur radio. It needs to generate an excitement of mixing the outdoors , amateur radio and survival.

The RaDAR operator, through his experience and practice, operates in such a way that he / she feels comfortable communicating under conditions that would otherwise be seen as unacceptable to the normal field day station or adventure radio operator.

I participated as a field day station this contest to experience once again what it is like to take part the same way most field day contests are done.

After doing the “One Contact per Kilometer Moved” excercise the other day, which I consider to be closer to the real RaDAR concept, I found operating as a normal field station to be rather boring in comparison.

There is something special about carrying your equipment in a backpack and being able to communicate on shortwave after a quick deployment and moving on to the next position.

Doing RaDAR this way was extremely satisfying and all I can do is try to promote the idea. It’s worth it to take on the challenge.

Using calling frequencies and knowing someone is out there monitoring makes success of the “mission” all that more possible.

RaDAR operates within the framework of known, active, fixed or other category RaDAR stations.

73 de Eddie ZS6BNE

Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio


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