RaDAR – Contest feedback

It’s a week later and three logs have been received from Peter ZS6IQ, Tienie ZS6MHH and Eddie ZS6BNE.

All stations worked under the RaDAR mobile / field station category.

Tienie made 20 contacts, Peter 18 contacts and Eddie 16 contacts. Both Tienie and Eddie worked 5 Watts QRP whereas Peter ran 25 Watts from his boat on the Vaal dam. What a beautiful radio he used!

Tienie worked portable from his own back yard and had a lot of fun making contacts using very low power. Most of his contacts took place during the first hour of the contest. Weather conditions were unpleasant and there was not much activity later on in the afternoon and none towards the evening.

Tienie and Peter’s contacts were all on SSB only on the 40  meter band whereas Eddie made contacts using SSB, CW and PSK. Eddie used the 40, 20 and 10 meter bands. The fact that Eddie used the digital modes from the field earned him 5 bonus points equivalent to 5 contacts. The bonus points are there to promote digital or satellite activity from the field.

No one took on the challenge as a “True RaDAR” operator except that Eddie went for a two kilometer walk prior to the contest but did not carry his kit.

Contest results

True RaDAR


Field / Mobile station

Tienie ZS6MHH – 276 points
Eddie ZS6BNE – 192 points
Peter ZS6IQ (Maritime mobile) – 144 points

Fixed station


Despite the relatively few participants, the general feeling is that the RaDAR contest should still be hosted biannually.


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