First contact with ZS100MPX

Douw, ZS1DGK operating as ZS100MPX was on 7095 kHz tonight at the scheduled time of 18:45 CAT. He was using a “Klaus mast” with vertical wire within. Douw said it takes only a few minutes to deploy.

I put up a new linked (40m / 80m) inverted vee today specifically to support Douw’s initiative and come onto frequency each night to monitor status and position. I made contact with Douw for the first time as ZS100MPX at 18:56 on today’s date 15th of September 2012.

Other stations that were also on frequency were Bob ZS1BOB and Klaus ZS1QO. All station were running between 59 + 15 and + 20 db on my FT902DM’s S Meter.

Douw gave his position as S 28 31.586 and E 16 55.295 He will re-photograph and document two mountain passes during the next day or two.

Click on the image for a larger view.

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