RaDAR 5 Point Challenge – The vision

At 13:00 UTC on Sunday 9th September 2012, most stations should be set up and ready, each contester taking part in his / her category. (Note these can be mixed!) This is an ideal time and maybe the only opportunity to take photos of your deployment ideas, antennas and radio installations to share with others later.

Most important is to download the Excel speadsheet logbook and to study it carefully. The score card begins at 0.

Mobile stations will be /m, Mountain bikes /bm and the guys and gals on foot will be /p. Note, mobile stations could also be “fixed radio stations” that have been put into the boot of a car to be driven to the destination points.

Some will browse the band, others will CQ and the activity will only then determine the playing field. Participation could be national or even international!

Station efficiency will be tested here especially at the 10 Watt limit. Mobile stations may need to use an alternative antenna other than the mobile antenna and maybe not!

All stations need to gather information, their present grid, preferably at 10 digits accuracy. This information needs to be passed to the other station quickly but accurately! This will test communication ability be it verbal or using morse code.

Inevitably one or two stations may be “left behind” unable to make a contact. The problems then need to be determined and fixed which will test the contester’s ability to do fault finding – in the field.

The mobile stations have the ability to move fast but can only access a limited area, mountain bikes a little slower but can move along footpaths. Those on foot will take around 15 minutes + to get to their next deployment point depending on the terrain. This will test the ability to measure the distance moved and fitness of the contester’s on MTB or on foot.

The different categories will quite possibly arrive and deploy out of sync which could hold mobile stations back somewhat leveling the playing field unless there are many mobile stations.

The chances that mobile stations make the 5 points relatively quickly, are good but that does not mean the game is over. Provision has been made to then make contact with stations without the need to move again. This will assist in increasing the score count for mobile stations finishing quickly leveling the scores. The idea is to provide contact possibilites for the stations on mountain bikes and on foot and in the end to bring the rest of the contesters out in the field, back home. (They can’t move if no QSO has been made)

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