How amateur radio influenced my career

My electronics / computer background was formed at an early age when I took a keen interest in amateur radio. I did the written technical and regulatory exams and was licensed in 1975. I matriculated in 1976 and went to the army for two years.

An opportunity existed to join the post office as a pupil technician where I spent three years in training for the National Certificate for Technicians (T3). I left the post office after getting married and moved to a small town where I joined a company as an instrumentation technician.

For a short while thereafter, I spent almost a year doing electrical installations at a large shopping mall and motor control systems at a fertilizer factory while working for an electrical contractor. This gave me a lot of good experience in the electrical field up to 380 volts.

I joined another company, again as an instrumentation technician, where I worked for two and a half years before joining a telecommunications company doing electronic and electromechanical PABX systems. I worked at this company for a good five years as a senior technician.

I left them to join my present company as a computer technician. Just after doing a career change I did a five year diploma in Datametrics through UNISA which gave me a good background in operating systems, programming and information technology. I was promoted to systems programmer / Adabas DBA on an IBM mainframe running VSE-ESA. After a few years I was again promoted Database analyst specialising in  Natural / Adabas. In 1992 I was promoted to Technology Manager. I am responsible for the technical and operations sections within the IT department.

I have great interest in scientific things and like to find out how things work. I have an intense interest in automation and artificial intelligence – Clever machines. I still practice amateur radio and enjoy portable and satellite communications. Digital communications using amateur radio is also one of my interests.

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