RaDAR – “One contact per kilometer moved”

Contests are a good opportunity to test RaDAR field and mobile stations. One is sure that there will be activity on the band. I have been impressed on numerous occasions as to the quality and strength of signals from an ever increasing number of QRP (Less than 5 Watts) stations appearing on the local frequencies.

I recently introduced a new concept of RaDAR. That is, the “One contact per kilometer moved” principle. This could be a real fun activity and will ensure fast deployment and re-deployment times. In the past, many of us spent a half hour or more getting ready to take part in a contest. In this case, much innovation will be needed to build a movable station with very effective rapid deployable antennas. Voice procedures would need to be fast and to the point. Information to be passed would need to be, at minimum,  an accurate GPS position and not just a 6 digit grid square so the RaDAR operator would need to carry a GPS as part of his / her kit. A format needs to be agreed upon that can be sent accurately using CW or voice (SSB / FM).

The divisions of RaDAR being Fixed, Mobile and “On foot” could all participate. There will always be fixed stations and RaDAR needs these stations too. Fixed stations could take GPS readings and plot them on a map, preferrably using APRS software like UI-View32 or similar. It will be fun seeing where all the RaDAR stations are deploying and in which drection they are moving!

An unofficial exercise will be arranged some time this year. In the meantime get your gear ready for some fun. If the exercise proves to be a success, it could become another exciting RaDAR contest on the calendar in years to come! It would take the form of a quick “Sprint” much like the ZS3 and ZS4 Sprint contests which seem to be very popular and attracts many participants.



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