New beginnings

I downloaded a WordPress application for my “Samsung Galaxy Note” Android Smartphone yesterday and it was an easy task to register my own Blog on WordPress. I chose to keep it ham related using my ham radio call sign ZS6BNE.

I have had Blogs in the past hosted on my own website and they worked well. Very good for referring back for history and notes. Those Blogs were deleted and the information “Lost”. It was also a mission keeping spammers away to such an extent that no legitimate friends could post replies. I’m hoping it will be better on WordPress!

It was a good idea at the time to register my own website and later another but it serves no purpose now and so I will be closing them down. Blogs on platforms like WordPress together with social media like Twitter, Facebook and the occasional Forum are all one really needs to be part of the social network.

I like to promote the RaDAR Concept (Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio)  at every opportunity and will do so here too.

This is my first entry on the Blog, I will build it from this point on.

73 Eddie ZS6BNE


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